Gary Chambers

Gary Chambers

Affordable SEO

Many people search on the internet for SEO and think of only of ranking positions for highly competitive keywords – only to complain, “Oh!  It’s too expensive”.  There is another way affordable SEO, and just as Rome was not built in a day, neither is a successful website business.  Just as in any endeavour we must learn to walk before we can run – and so I advise my clients.
My first job is to understand my clients business.  This means both sharing their aspirations and the often harsh day to day realities of really getting some momentum into their enterprise.  Website optimisation is not something you buy into for a month or two and then forget.  It is a long and sustained effort running in parallel with all the other business processes.
Affordable SEO and website optimisation is about setting realistic targets.  It is about gaining an early and good return on investment, and further investing towards the next set of goals.  Principally it is an integral part of the on-going business plan, and most importantly not just an item on a check list to be ticked off and forgotten.
We work principally with SME’s although we have been known to let the odd PLC or two onto our books.  We are ourselves a small business and fundamentally committed to our clients success.  Contact us now for an informal consultation.


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I'm now just starting to create a Blog which will coment on SEO issues from time to time.

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SEO Project Consultancy

SEO Websites is primarily an SEO and conversion consultancy providing expert advice to website project owners in order to improve returns on investment.  All too often we are called in when the owner realises that although they may have and attractive and fully functional site, it simply is not performing as expected.

Existing Websites

Our role is to increase the performance of your website.  We will help you gain more traffic and convert more visitors to customers.  To do this we would prefer to work alongside your existing designer and developer and advising them how to fine tune you site for maximum performance.

New projects

New projects could be a business start-up of a complete redesign of an existing site.  With new projects we can either work alongside the designer or developer of your choice or you could use our design and development partner Simplicity International.  Either way we will have a solution for you.


The fist stage would be to conduct and SEO audit of you existing site if you have one, but if not then we would move straight onto the next stage below.  A summary of the audit would be provided free of charge together with a quotation to specify the work in detail for you.


The next stage would be to review your offering and the keywords you are trying to gain popularity for.  We would do some preliminary research and make recommendations on how to proceed.  We would then provide cost options for you to consider.

Optimisation Consultancy

We prefer to work alongside clients over a period of time on a consultancy basis they can afford providing advice in a timely way, which will always focus on the next most important thing to do in order to improve your websites performance.  If you choose this option we promise not to lock you into any long term contract.  We are so confident that you will get a good ROI, that all we ask is a clear calendar months notice.

Optimisation Project

If you prefer we can work on a project basis where we agree a fixed price for the advice to be offered or for the implementation of clearly defined work.  The choice which suites you best will be determined by your circumstances, but many people opt for a mix where defined work is carried out at the outset, followed by ongoing consultancy to continue refining the initial work.


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