Gary Chambers

Gary Chambers

Affordable SEO

Many people search on the internet for SEO and think of only of ranking positions for highly competitive keywords – only to complain, “Oh!  It’s too expensive”.  There is another way affordable SEO, and just as Rome was not built in a day, neither is a successful website business.  Just as in any endeavour we must learn to walk before we can run – and so I advise my clients.
My first job is to understand my clients business.  This means both sharing their aspirations and the often harsh day to day realities of really getting some momentum into their enterprise.  Website optimisation is not something you buy into for a month or two and then forget.  It is a long and sustained effort running in parallel with all the other business processes.
Affordable SEO and website optimisation is about setting realistic targets.  It is about gaining an early and good return on investment, and further investing towards the next set of goals.  Principally it is an integral part of the on-going business plan, and most importantly not just an item on a check list to be ticked off and forgotten.
We work principally with SME’s although we have been known to let the odd PLC or two onto our books.  We are ourselves a small business and fundamentally committed to our clients success.  Contact us now for an informal consultation.


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I'm now just starting to create a Blog which will coment on SEO issues from time to time.

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SEO Specialists

We specialise in one thing, and one thing only, and that is achieving for you high positions in the natural listings for agreed search terms with the principal search engines.  Regrettably in the web industry there are many generalists who profess to be SEO experts.  If you go to a GP with a problem he will if necessary refer you to an appropriate specialist, unfortunately this does not always happen in our industry where many, with one line of specialisation will claim expert knowledge in another field.  You do not see a cardiothoracic surgeon about a fertility problem and visa-versa.  To create a healthy and vibrant internet based business you will need to call upon many individual areas of expertise.  So if your website is not achieving its deserved ranking within Search Engine Ranking Positions SERPs, DO NOT just keep asking your designer, PPC agency or website hosts - consult an SEO Specialist.

Consult an SEO Specialist

Medical consultants focus on a very narrow area of knowledge to develop their expertise.  Web based businesses can suffer from a variety of ailments, but if one of them despite all else is a lack of performance in SERPs then you need to consult an SEO Specialist.  OK, so all well and good, but which one do I see the choice is bewildering and how do I compare the variety of services offered and their wildly different pricing structures.  To be honest it is not easy and we do not envy your task!  Even if you put out a tender document you will more often than not end up with proposals that are almost impossible to compare side by side.  If you were buying hardware you would develop your specification and see how compare closely various products meet that and at what finite price.  You then undertake a cost benefit analysis and make your decision.  Easy, so how do we proceed when purchasing SEO services?

Deciding which SEO Specialist to use

Develop a brief: not as grandiose as it sounds.  Be clear about what you want to achieve and stick with it. So if you want high positions on Google natural searches do not get distracted by proposals peppered with a myriad of other ideas they will cost at the expense of your core objective either in price or position.  Remember we do one thing and do it very well!  Typically you will want to obtain the best result on your investment in the shortest possible time, constrained by existing cash flow and other budgetary constraints.  Whatever else this will require a bespoke solution tailored to a balance between your aspirations and budget.  At the out set this should rule out the many off-the-peg propositions found on the internet.  A sound company will take you through this process.

Why SEO Websites?

Firstly you will need to sort the genuine professionals from the charlatans.  A professional company will want to understand your business, your budget and aspirations in order to cut a proposal to suit.  Our objective will be to work with you in order to create the quickest return on investment.  After all you do not just want to be number one for your primary search term just for the kudos, do you?  You want to dine out on the outcome and be able to afford it.  We want to see our clients prosper and succeed, not through altruism, but because that benefits our business also.  A successful client will re-invest with us for other key terms to further develop their business, and thus a symbiotic relationship is established.  You make on your initial investment.  You put a little aside for your next campaign you win and we win, so you can win again.  We do not want a large number of fly-by-night clients, but rather to serve a few really good clients very well.


So, you may think this all sounds very well, but can I afford it?  The answer is yes we have clients large and small, each in their own stage of their companies’ development.  From today’s acorns do mighty oaks grow and we aim to grow with them.  SOE work requires knowledge and consistent labour intensive work.  We aim to find a balance with our clients on how to manage the risk in a balanced way for both parties.  We do not demand lock-in contracts of a year or so and then sit on our backs while you pay for poor results.  With us you pay-as-you-go, not happy you walk.  Up to you - we only want clients happy to stay with us, because they ARE getting a good return on investment.  Then we benefit also by a long term mutually beneficial relationship - symbiosis.  I rest my case!

What we actually do

This is very simple expert on-site SEO and professional off-site SEO specialist work to get you the best possible SERPs in the shortest possible time with-in budgetary constraints. We maximise your return on investment so you can grow your business and feel confident that ongoing investment will continue to benefit both of us.