Gary Chambers

Gary Chambers

Affordable SEO

Many people search on the internet for SEO and think of only of ranking positions for highly competitive keywords – only to complain, “Oh!  It’s too expensive”.  There is another way affordable SEO, and just as Rome was not built in a day, neither is a successful website business.  Just as in any endeavour we must learn to walk before we can run – and so I advise my clients.
My first job is to understand my clients business.  This means both sharing their aspirations and the often harsh day to day realities of really getting some momentum into their enterprise.  Website optimisation is not something you buy into for a month or two and then forget.  It is a long and sustained effort running in parallel with all the other business processes.
Affordable SEO and website optimisation is about setting realistic targets.  It is about gaining an early and good return on investment, and further investing towards the next set of goals.  Principally it is an integral part of the on-going business plan, and most importantly not just an item on a check list to be ticked off and forgotten.
We work principally with SME’s although we have been known to let the odd PLC or two onto our books.  We are ourselves a small business and fundamentally committed to our clients success.  Contact us now for an informal consultation.


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I'm now just starting to create a Blog which will coment on SEO issues from time to time.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation SEO is essential if you want to gain high Search Engine Ranking Positions SERP’s.  It is considered to be the most cost effective way of bringing traffic to a website.  Yet by many website owners it is poorly understood; where this is the case often owners will spend disproportionately on PPC to compensate for lack or position in SERP’s. 

So What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is in very general terms the process used to gain high SERP’s for the search terms people are using to find your products or services.  To achieve this, a good understanding of how search engines rank sites is required.  Equally the optimiser will need to gain an understanding of the clients business.  Strategies that may be appropriate for a major brand, with big bucks, will not be appropriate for SME’s with modest budgets.

SEO for SME’s

We specialise in working with SME’s and have developed affordable SEO solutions, which allow them to compete effectively on the internet without huge marketing budgets.  We focus on SEO and conversion rate in a way that constantly adjusts to changing circumstances in order to maintain a high return on investment.


For us the process begins with keyword research, identifying those less competitive words with good search volumes and high probability of conversion.  This is essential if you are to obtain a good ROI.  The keywords will be kept under constant review particularly when it comes to conversion rates.  It is not always the same words that bring large volumes of traffic to your site that bring large numbers of customers.   Fewer carefully targeted visitors will produce more business than untargeted generic traffic.


Once we know what we want to optimise for we can commence the optimisation process by carrying out an audit of both the site and any analytical data the owner may have.  This will both enrich our keyword research, but also highlight what needs to be work needs to be done on your site to make it easily readable by the search engines.

On-site SEO

Following the keyword research and audit we will commence the on-site optimisation.  This is generally a process of many small changes, both to the site as a whole and then to each individual page.  When the process is complete and fully indexed searchers entering a given search term should be delivered not only to your site but the most relevant page of your site.

Off-site SEO

In addition to on-site factors search engines and in particular Google weight you page according to your sites popularity on the internet and any on-site SEO will need to be complemented by off-site SEO.