Gary Chambers

Gary Chambers

Affordable SEO

Many people search on the internet for SEO and think of only of ranking positions for highly competitive keywords – only to complain, “Oh!  It’s too expensive”.  There is another way affordable SEO, and just as Rome was not built in a day, neither is a successful website business.  Just as in any endeavour we must learn to walk before we can run – and so I advise my clients.
My first job is to understand my clients business.  This means both sharing their aspirations and the often harsh day to day realities of really getting some momentum into their enterprise.  Website optimisation is not something you buy into for a month or two and then forget.  It is a long and sustained effort running in parallel with all the other business processes.
Affordable SEO and website optimisation is about setting realistic targets.  It is about gaining an early and good return on investment, and further investing towards the next set of goals.  Principally it is an integral part of the on-going business plan, and most importantly not just an item on a check list to be ticked off and forgotten.
We work principally with SME’s although we have been known to let the odd PLC or two onto our books.  We are ourselves a small business and fundamentally committed to our clients success.  Contact us now for an informal consultation.


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I'm now just starting to create a Blog which will coment on SEO issues from time to time.

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Expert On-site Development

Once your website is up and running you will need to engage in a continuous process of on site improvements in the light of feedback in order to both improve your SEO and visitor engagement.  Improve your SEO and get more visitors.  Improve visitor engagement and get more customers.  Generally these will work hand in hand and the improvements you make in design, content, structure and ease of use will all support each other.  However, it is critical to have a clear SEO and Customer Conversion input to the ongoing design and development of the site in order to get that all important Return on Investment ROI.


Gaining high Search Engine Ranking Positions – SERP’s is one of the most cost effective ways of getting more traffic to your website.  Google and the other search engines use complex algorithms to score websites/pages against individual search terms and hence determine their position.  The factors taken into account and the weighting they have is constantly evolving as the various search engines compete to deliver the most relevant search results.  To keep pace with change we use software which pools results from a vast number of websites and so our analysis is always up to date.

On-site SEO

On-site SEO will draw upon any analytical data you have and may involve site improvements to get the data you really need to manage the site properly – see website analysis.  It will also involve working through our SEO checklist of best practice.  We will then make recommendations for implementation prioritised to give you the best ROI. 

Website Architecture

Before we even look at content we will analyse the websites architecture against converting keywords.  By creating a keyword specific architecture, with ease of navigation for both the consumer and search engines you gain an important head start.  We are able to perform whole site SEO audits to discover any internal problems the site may have.and advise on keyword specific architecture.  If you do not have the right website structure visitors will abandon and Google may not find that all important content. 


With the right site structure then indeed “content is king”, but developing good content can be difficult especially for commercial sites.  We can produce analysis reports on page content against agreed keywords and advise on improvements.  We can also look at ways to keep your content fresh and dynamic.

We can either work on a consultancy basis alongside your existing design and development arrangements or implement the changes ourselves.

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